Meet Hugues Mulliez


Hugues Mulliez is a French, business entrepreneur with an outgrowing passion for telecommunication, retail, innovation, and startups. From a very early age, Hugues Mulliez enjoyed challenges. He was ambitious about changing customers lives through innovation.

Hugues Mulliez was born into a family entrepreneurs. He claims that his grandfather taught the Mulliez junior members the sense of responsibility and corporate culture. Hugues Mulliez also believes his intuition and awareness were the main pillars behind his success. Moreover, he went through many corporate experiences that shaped him into the determined and proactive business man he is today.

In 1993, he took the first step into his career and worked in his family businesses, Leroy Merlin and Auchan. 3 years later, at age 21, he created his first company. With his growing passion for technology and innovation, he established numerous companies in France.  He is former founder of Net Player Games, Youg’s, and Progressy société.

Later in 2009, Hugues Mulliez purchased Surcouf from the PPR Group. Hugues Mulliez was able to save Surcouf with a restructuration budget. After the restructuration was accomplished (in a period of 4 years only), the concept Youg’s was merged and applied to the management of Surcouf (remuneration of staff based on customer satisfaction, phygital surveys…). Surcouf has suffered a supply disruption due to (very) low pricing policy against the competition, which led to the filing of the company’s balance sheet. Hugues Mulliez served as the President and CEO. 

Hugues Mulliez presently serves as the Group Chairman and Director of M-commerce Services and new retail projects in Africa, at Telecel Group. Hugues Mulliez is currently taking on the responsibility of the mobile commerce to create a link between Africa and international retailers, through a mobile app which allows them to communicate free of charge and offers a payment gateway. 

Hugues Mulliez believes in the promising future of Africa. Telecel Group have recently launched Africa Startup Initiative Program at the Mobile World Congress 2019.